Jackie Clark, Ph.D., F-AAA, CCC-A

Professor Jackie Clark is currently a Clinical Associate Professor at UT Dallas’ School of Brain and Behavioral Sciences, and has been appointed as a Research Scholar at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. Courses that she teaches include: Advanced Clinical Audiology; Diagnostic Audiology; Pediatric Audiology; Anatomy & Physiology of the Auditory System; Electrophysiology; Planning/Providing Humanitarian Audiology Services in Developing Countries.

She has authored many peer-reviewed research articles, some book chapters, and has been invited to lecture in many parts of the world. Dr. Clark has been able to maintain an international perspective as the Chair of the Humanitarian Committee of the International Society of Audiology; Managing Editor of the International Journal of Audiology; Co-organizer of the Coalition for Global Hearing Health Conference; and engages in an annual philanthropic program in Southern Africa that began in 1997. She was the recipient of the American Academy of Audiology Humanitarian Award in 2005.

Dr. Clark is a long-time member of the American Academy of Audiology; board-certified with the American Board of Audiology; licensed to practice audiology and dispense hearing aids in the States of Texas and Louisiana. When at home in Texas, she carries an active clinical caseload with clinical duties involving adult and pediatric diagnosis, and electrophysiological assessments.

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