Domestic Violence Response Initiative


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Presenter: Daniel Oppenheim, M.D.


1972 B.A. - University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado. Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology
1980 Ph.D. - Stanford University, Stanford, California. Biological Sciences
1983 M.D. - University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami, Florida
1980-1981 - Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. Stanford Research Institute. Dr. S. Levy.
Characterization and gene expression of T. Lymphocyte surface antigens.
1983-1986 - Intern, Junior, and Senior Resident Physician, Internal Medicine, Brigham
and Women’s Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
1986-1989 - Clinical and Research Fellow in Medicine (Endocrinology), Massachusetts
General Hospital, Harvard medical School, Boston, Harvard Medical
School, Boston, Massachusetts [more details]

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