Electrocochleography III: Clinical Applications


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Course Description

An advanced course that describes the various clinical applications for ECochG, including its use in:– Diagnosing/assessing/monitoring Meniere’s disease/endolymphatic hydrops

— Enhancing wave I of the Auditory Brainstem Response

— Pediatric applications related to newborn hearing screening and diagnosis of auditory neuropathy/dysynchrony

Case study examples are included for all of the above applications.

Learning Objectives:

Understand how ECochG is used to:

  • help diagnose, assess and monitor Meniere’s disease/endolymphatic hydrops
  • enhance the measurement of wave I of the ABR in less-than-optimal recording conditions
  • improve the sensitivity of newborn hearing screening approaches, and aid in the diagnosis of auditory neuropathy/dysynchrony.

Course Details

Presenter: John Ferraro, Ph.D.

Degrees and Post-Doctoral Experience:
-- Post-Doctoral Fellow, Auditory Physiology Laboratory, Northwestern University, 1972-1974 (under the direction of Peter Dallos)-- Ph.D. - Speech and Hearing Sciences, University of Denver, 1972 (Audiology minor)-- M.S. - Biology, U. Denver, 1970-- B.S. - Biology, Southern Colorado St. College, 1968 (Chemistry, Psychology minors) [more details]

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