Introduction to the Audiometer


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In this course you learn that an audiometer is a very important device for hearing testing. You’ll learn the components of an audiometer including the buttons and knobs used to control the intensity (loudness) and frequency (pitch) of sounds, and how they are presented to a patient. You’ll also discover how an audiometer contributes to the diagnosis of hearing loss. The course includes a brief video explanation of how an audiometer is used in hearing testing.

Please note: The International Hearing Care Technician (IHCT) courses may be purchased individually for $59 USD or as part of a full curriculum for $795 USD. The full curriculum program consists of 20 courses (20 clock-hour curricula) and includes all enduring materials as well as the final examination for the certificate. To enroll in the IHCT program, download the application form at https://www.aicme.com/files/ihct-application.pdf and email to info @ aicme.com.

Course Details

Presenter: James W. Hall, III, Ph.D.

James W. Hall III, Ph.D. received a Bachelor's degree in biology from American International College, a Masters degree from Northwestern University and, in 1979, his Ph.D. in audiology from Baylor College of Medicine under the direction of Dr. James Jerger. Since then, he has held clinical and academic audiology positions at major medical centers, including the University of Pennsylvania, University of Texas Medical School-Houston, and Vanderbilt University. [more details]

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