Introduction to Vestibular Rehabilitation


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This class is designed to provide physicians, physical therapists, audiologists, and other interested health care providers with an introductory overview to the historical and theoretical principles of vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) as well as an introduction to therapy protocols. The use of exercise protocols to alleviate symptoms of motion or movement provoked dizziness post-acute labyrinthine event was first seen in the literature with Cawthorne and Cooksey’s 1946 article in the British Journal of Medicine. Over the past 60 years, VRT has progressed to a well-recognized, evidenced-based gold-standard for the non-medical management of chronic symptoms associated with a post-labyrinthine event such as vestibular neuritis, labyrinthitis, labyrinthine concussion, and other common disorders.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify 3 primary causes of peripheral vestibular dysfunction, which cause chronic symptoms
  • Explain the theory of central compensation
  • Name 3 primary protocols of vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT)

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  • Curriculum
  • Course Number REG101
  • Price $29.00
  • CEUs earned 1
  • Language English
  • Level Introductory

Presenter: Richard E. Gans, Ph.D.

Dr. Gans is the founder and executive director of The American Institute of Balance one of the country's largest balance disorders treatment centers. He received his Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in Auditory and Vestibular Physiology. Dr. Gans has been a leader in the development of vestibular evaluation and rehabilitation techniques. He has presented or published over 150 programs worldwide and papers in the area of equilibrium disorders. He is adjunct professor at the University of South Florida, Nova Southeastern University and University of Pittsburgh. He has taught vestibular and balance courses for Arizona School of Health Sciences, Pennsylvania College of Optometry-School of Audiology, and the University of Florida distance learning Au.D. programs. Dr. Gans is a past President (2004-2005)of the American Academy of Audiology. [more details]

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